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Our Mission

Our mission at SAVE THE KIDS FOUNDATION is to both inform and innovate leading to the elimination of kids’ cancers!  While some organizations spread their research dollars between adult and kids’ cancers, STK is focused solely on children warriors.  We take great care with every donor dollar, keeping the staff small, the expenses low and directing every possible dollar to childhood cancer research. Our founding members come from the technology industry and are also business owners who had each been impacted by kids’ cancers. We host events that raise awareness and funds to enable our goal of funding innovative research designed specifically to treat children with cancer.  ​

Why We Support

Kids’ Cancers Research

Cancer continues to be the number one killer of American children with an average of 46 kids being diagnosed every school day!  To put that into perspective, that is 2 classrooms full of students being diagnosed with cancer every day!  Worldwide, it is estimated that around 300,000 are diagnosed each year and the incidence rates are rising.   In the past 20 years, the incidence rates of invasive kids’ cancers is up 29%.  Despite the fact that 6 kids American kids die from cancer EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, only four new drugs specifically designed for treating children’s cancers have been approved in the last 35 years (compared to thousands developed for adult cancers)!  While the overall survival rates are shown to have improved, survivorship means something different to kids.  As many as 95% of childhood cancer “survivors” are likely to experience at least one late effect of treatment, with a third suffering life-threatening and chronic side effects and another third suffering moderate to severe health problems.  Kids’ cancer “survivors” die earlier than their peers.  The most common late effects of childhood cancer are neurocognitive and psychological, cardiopulmonary and secondary cancers.  But kids’ cancer “survivorship” is measured in 5 years- meaning if a child is diagnosed at 1 year old and survives to his 6th birthday, he is a “survivor” even if he dies at 7 due to the toxicity of the chemotherapy.

Children are not just small adults.  Their still developing organs metabolize medicines differently than adults do so the toxic effects of adult chemotherapies are amplified in children.  Children’s cancers are not the same as adult cancers. 

Our children deserve better.  No child should have to fight for a chance at life.  We hope to help you to become an INFORMED advocate so you can help us to fund INNOVATIVE research specifically designed to treat kids’ cancers so that together, we can SAVE THE KIDS!

To Inform:

In the US, 1 in 285 children are diagnosed with cancer and 7 children die each day- but childhood cancer is not just one disease; it is comprised of hundreds of subtypes each requiring research into the best treatment for each and every child. 300,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer EVERY YEAR worldwide. In the US, more children die of childhood cancer than all other diseases combined. And 2/3 of those who do survive 5 years from diagnosis suffer from late effects from treatment including: including loss of hearing and sight, heart disease, secondary cancers, learning disabilities, infertility and more. The negative effects of adult chemotherapies dosed down for children have devastating effects. Even so, only 4 new drugs specifically developed to treat children with cancer have been approved in the last 20 years. Of the National Cancer Institute’s $5.6 billion spending on cancer research, less than 4% is spent specifically for children’s cancers. Many of the cancers affecting children have received ZERO federal funding dollars. At SAVE THE KIDS FOUNDATION, we believe this is unacceptable.

To Innovate:

We know that banded together, we can make a change by funding innovative research into less toxic treatment options for children with cancer. We have witnessed the horror of kids’ cancers firsthand and refuse to allow this to continue. We have banded together to DISRUPT the status quo.

Let us help you to become an INFORMED advocate for children battling cancer and please help us to fund INNOVATIVE research designed for these brave warriors. Won’t you help us SAVE THE KIDS?


Join us for our 1st Annual Save the Kids Charity Golf Tournament on April 2nd from 10am-7pm at East Lake Woodlands Golf & Country Club. 

Contact us for available sponsorship opportunities. 

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Disrupt the Bay

Disrupt the Bay is an organization that helps fight against kids’ cancers. This organization helps to fund for children’s cancer research to ensure that kids can get the help they need, no matter how common or how rare their specific cancer is.

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Board Members

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action.
Stan Liberatore(Chairman)

Stan Liberatore

Stan is the recently appointed Programs Chair for the HIMSS Central & North Florida Chapter. He is the founder of…

Taylor Precourt(DTB Chair)

Taylor Precourt
(DTB Chair)

Taylor Precourt is a nationally recognized business strategist, connector, and Founder of Twelve Tables, an agency that helps business owners…

Julie Small(Treasurer)

Julie Small

Julie, Founder and CEO of Accountability Partners, Inc., brings 30 years of executive business management and ownership experience specializing in…

Mike Delucia(Board Member)

Mike Delucia
(Board Member)

Mike is a long-time Tampa resident, USF grad, husband, father and grandfather. He has owned and operated PF1 Professional Services,…

Holly Liberatore(Board Member)

Holly Liberatore
(Board Member)

Holly is a former “military brat”, FSU graduate, wife, and mother. She is a Technology Recruitment Specialist at Accenture and…

Kyle Mathews(Board Advisor)

Kyle Mathews
(Board Advisor)

Kyle spends a lot of time with people whose kids have cancer, as the Executive Director of Beat Nb, a…

Alex DeMarco(Board Advisor)

Alex DeMarco
(Board Advisor)

Alex is the founder & president of MTD Marketing, an award winning marketing agency in Tampa, FL. Alex previously spent…

Blaine Broth(Community Engagement Chair)

Blaine Broth
(Community Engagement Chair)

Blaine is a business executive with 7 years of sales experience in different domains. He currently works as the Vice…

Gabe Higgins(Board Advisor)

Gabe Higgins
(Board Advisor)

Gabe is the father of two young boys, a musician and tech entrepreneur focusing in the blockchain industry. He's the…

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